Vinsent Mettel is a Ukrainian film director, producer and screenwriter. During his already 20-year career, he created 60 films, 10 of which are full-length features.
Vinsent Mettel was born in the city of Tyumen on February 17, 1986. In 2007 he graduated from the Kharkiv University of Arts under the masters Vitaly Mashchenko, Anatoly Litko and Alexander Barseghyan. Same year Vinsent shot his first feature film «the Quill» with the artists of the Kharkiv Academic Theater.
In 2009 Vinsent moved to Kyiv. Here he worked on top TV projects (Master Chef, the Voice, Battle of Mentalists, Inspector Freymut, etc.). In 2010 Vinsent made a sci-fi feature film «the Worlds», with Ukrainian stars Alexei Vertinsky and Irma Vitovskaya.
In 2012, together with Wilhelmina Petrovskaya he opened the Grey Theater of Sensual Psychoanalysis. In 2015 he graduated from the Moscow Higher Directing Courses. In May 2017, Vinsent Mettel's full-length sci-fi thriller «the Cogitators» was released. The same year, together with producer Yuriy Miroshnichenko, the Guild of Independent Cinema of Ukraine was opened.
In September 2017, the Cinema, Theater and Television Cources were founded, where Vinsent got the position of dean. On January 28, 2018, the premiere night of the first Ukrainian Solo Performance «Eight» took place, and just a little after in July the World's First SoloFilm of the same name was released.
In 2019, the first Ukrainian film entirely shot on an iPhone camera «the Atonement» was released, as well as the mockumentary «Cult». The doors of the Theatre*Cinematheque were also opened the same year.
In 2021, the world's first film starring a person with cerebral palsy «To Happiness» was released. In 2022 Vinsent has made a full-length documentary «How are You? The 66th day of War». The release of the sequel «Thirties» & the comedy «Ordinary People» is on the way.


To Happiness 2021

The Gogitators 2016

The Atonement 2019

Eight 2018

Sixties 2019

Thirties 2022

Selected Filmography & Theatre Shows


2004 – «Autumn», «A Little Prince», «А»
2005 – «AllWays», «Over the closed doors»
2006 – «Two sides of the Roof», «Joke»
2007 – «the Quill», «We»
2008 – «756»
2009 – «My Fear»
2010 – «the Worlds», «Scarlet», «100»
2011 – «I want You to Be»
2012 – «Lviv & Me»
2013 – «Sunset», «Alice»
2014 – «33»
2015 – «Warriors VS War»
2016 – «the Other»
2017 – «the Cogitators», «Valentine»
2018 – «Bon Appetit», «the Loop», «Eight»
2019 – «the Atonement», «Sixties», «PersonaGe», «My Head», «the Cult»
2020 – «Portal»
2021 – «To Happiness»
2022 – «How are You? The 66th day of War»


2006 — «Maklena Grasa» Mykola Kulish
2007 — «A Stone Lord» Lesia Ukrainka
2008 — «Over the closed Doors» Jean Paul Sartre
2011 — «Guppi» Vasyl Sigarev
2013 — «Fantazm» Vinsent Mettel
2013 — «Alice & Prince» Vinsent Mettel
2014 — «The Others. Volume 1» Jean Paul Sartre
2014 — «Basic Instinct» Joe Eszterhas
2015 — «Vermilion» Vinsent Mettel
2016 — «In the Mood for Love» Wong Kar Wai
2017 — «She» Spike Jonze
2018 — «Eight» Vinsent Mettel
2019 — «D» Vinsent Mettel, «the Dew» Mark Kropyvnytski, «In Da Zoo» Edward Albee
2021 — «PreRaphaelites» Vinsent Mettel


In the Mood for Love 2015

Alice & Prince 2013

2046 2016

Fantazm 2013


More than a million words...


A Dream
A Christmas Present
Nostalgia about the Future
Kate. Vacation
The Roof Birds
Correcting the Black Elephant
222 Samurai
About love
November 19 according to the abnormal calendar
10:10 am
Disc II
President for a Day
The Myth
The Library
The Smell of Burnt Leaves

Theatre Plays

Once Upon a Time in the Wild West
Alice and Prince
The Room
Will live
The Oath

Film Scripts

November 28
My Fear
The Man in the Closet
The Cogitators
The Worlds
My Head
The Champion's Dream
The Man in the Closet
The Other
In Time
The Atonement
The Seventh Day
To Happiness
Ordinary People


In his film soundtracks, Vinsent Mettel most often resorts to minimalist and modern styles. In vocal music, he often experiments with genres and styles. So the debut album "Dark Moon" is produced in the style of alternative rock, the second album "Ad Astra" lays at the intersection of pop-rock and indie, and the third acoustic album "J" combines the features of space rock and minimalism.

Dark Moon 2018

Sixties 2018

To Happiness 2021

ReCall 2021

Cinema, Theatre & Television Courses

In September 2017, Vinsent Mettel launched the Cinema, Theatre and Television Courses (CTTC). The main goal of the courses is to prepare actors directly for work in the frame in a short time.
The dean of CTTC has specially designed a program that includes all 12 major acting schools. The methodological course includes the works of: Meyerhold, Chekhov, Stanislavsky, Strasberg, Adler, Meissner, Artaud, Grotovsky, Brecht, Chubbuck, Spolin and Brook.
Each year, CTTC students appear in four short films and finally get a role in a full-length feature film. A new revolutionary pedagogical method, based on live practice, made the dream of dozens of students about the acting profession come true!

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